2023 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2023)
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Publication Record  见刊记录

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Previous conference, The 3rd International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2022) held online conference in March 25-27, 2022. The website of the previous conference: 2022.cadpc.info 

 第三届土木建筑及灾害防控国际学术会议(CADPC 2022)已于2022年3月25-27日召开线上视频会议。 第三届土木建筑及灾害防控国际学术会议(CADPC 2022)会议网站:2022.cadpc.info

CADPC 2022 | 第三届会议回顾

Group Photo of CADPC 2022  往届线上会议合影

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Keynote Speaker 1Prof. Xinlin Wan, College of Civil Engineering, Anhui Jianzhu University(宛新林 教授,安徽建筑大学土木工程学院 )

Title: Theory of high density resistivity method exploration and its application in geotechnical engineering(高密度电阻率法勘探理论及在岩土工程中的应用)

Keynote Speaker 2

Mohammadreza Vafaei (PhD, P. Eng.), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 

Title: Neural Networks for Structural Health Monitoring(用于结构健康监测的神经网络)

Keynote Speaker 3

Distinguished Professor. Zhifeng Xu, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan Institute of Technology(许峙峰 特聘教授,武汉工程大学土木工程与建筑学院)

Title: Analytical approximations for the frequency response, localization factor and attenuation coefficient of one-dimensional periodic foundations(一维周期基础频率响应、局部化因子及衰减系数的解析近似解)

Keynote Speaker 4

Associate Professor. Deng Peng, College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University(邓鹏 副教授,湖南大学土木工程学院)

Title: Experimental Investigation of Seismic Uncertainty Propagation through Shake Table Tests(基于振动台试验的地震不确定性影响研究)

Oral Presentation 1

Han Ji(Senior Eng.), CSADI Co., Ltd.(纪晗 高级工程师,中南建筑设计院股份有限公司)

Title: Passive negative stiffness isolation bearing realization method and parameter influence analysi

Oral Presentation 2

Yunhao Li, Shanghai Maritime University(李云浩,上海海事大学 )

Title: Discrete element modeling of circular plate anchor pullout in dense sand(密砂中圆形板锚拉拔离散元模拟)

Oral Presentation 3

Yunfei Lin, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (林运飞,南京航空航天大学)

Title: Strain energy response of asphalt pavement under high temperature and wheel load(高温轮载下沥青路面应变能响应分析

Oral Presentation 4

Zhiheng Chen, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(陈智恒,西安建筑科技大学)

Title: Seismic behavior of CFST column with FRP-confined UHPC core-to-steel beam joints with external diaphragm(内置高强芯柱的钢管混凝土柱-钢梁外加强环式节点抗震性能研究)

Oral Presentation 5

Weiqiang Huang, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(黄伟强,西安建筑科技大学 )

Title: Vulnerability analysis of supertall seismic mitigation structures under the action of near-field impulse-type ground motion(近场脉冲型地震动作用下超高层减震结构易损性分析)

Oral Presentation 6

Jiyu Xia, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(夏济宇,西安建筑科技大学)

Title: Experimental study on the mechanical properties of lead rubber bearings in acid rain environment(酸雨环境下铅芯橡胶支座的力学性能试验研究)

Oral Presentation 7

Guoqiang Lai, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(赖国强,西安建筑科技大学)

Title: Energy-based optimal design of viscous dampers

Oral Presentation 8

Qi Jin, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(金琪,西安建筑科技大学)

Title: Stability analysis of shallow buried tunnel considering the influence of biased slope(考虑偏压边坡影响的浅埋隧道稳定性分析)

Oral Presentation 9

Xian Hu, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(胡娴,西安建筑科技大学)

Title: Experimental study on flexural behavior of TRHDC-ALC composite panels

Oral Presentation 10

Zhiqiang Li, Southeast University (李志强,东南大学 )

Title: Test on hysteretic performance of single-side yielding precast concrete beam-column connection with replaceable energy dissipation bars

Oral Presentation 11

Cantian Yang, Southeast University(杨参天,东南大学 )

Title: Experimental investigation on seismic performance of double-stagebehavior dry-connected beam-to-column joint(带可更换耗能钢棒的装配式混凝土单侧屈服梁柱节点抗震性能试验研究)

Oral Presentation 12

Enquan Zhou, Southeast University(周恩泉,东南大学)

Title: Experimental study on seismic performance of precast concrete shear walls with grouted butt joints


Oral Presentation 13

Jing Shi, Southeast University(史靖,东南大学)

Title: Full-field geometric imperfection measurement using a projection speckle correlation method and computational modeling of cold-formed steel rack uprights(基于投影散斑相关法的钢货架立柱全场初始几何缺陷测量及数值分析)

Oral Presentation 14

Shufeng Zhao, Southeast University (赵树锋,东南大学 )

Title: Numerical analysis on consolidation settlement of offshore wind power suction bucket foundation(海上风电吸力桶基础固结沉降分析数值研究)

Oral Presentation 15

Yifan Du, Southeast University (杜逸方,东南大学)

Title: Research on pavement structure depth measurement based on mobile devices(基于移动设备的路面构造深度测量研究)

Oral Presentation 16

Wenhao Li, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology(李文浩,西安建筑科技大学)

Title: Design and Numerical Simulation Analysis of Self-resetting Variable Friction Damper Based on SMA(基于 SMA 自复位的变摩擦阻尼器设计及其数值模拟