2023 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2023)
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2023 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2023) aims to provide a high-level international conference for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of civil, architecture and disaster prevention and control. 

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Civil, Construction Technologies  土木、建筑技术
Civil Engineering Technology  土木工程技术
Civil Engineering Surveying  土木勘测
Civil Engineering Machines  土木工程机械
Civil Engineering Seismic  土木工程抗震
New Construction Technology  新型建筑技术
Engineering Structures and Earthquake Resistance  工程结构与抗震
Engineering Monitoring and Testing Technology 工程监测检测技术
High-Rise Building Construction Technology 高层建筑工程技术
Building Reconstruction Technology建筑改造技术
Technology for Structural Repair, Reconstruction and Reinforcement  结构修复、改造和加固技术
Concrete Structure, Steel Structure and Related Technologies   混凝土结构、钢结构及技术
Steel Structure Technology  钢结构、金属结构技术
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology  通风与空调工程技术
Decoration, Waterproof and Basic Technology  装饰装修、防水、基础技术
Formwork Technologies   模板机具技术
Technologies for Building Components Production  建筑构件生产技术
Building Water Heating and Equipment  建筑水暖电气
Building Power Systems  建筑电力系统
Technologies for Construction Equipment Installation  建筑设备安装技术
Construction Technology  建筑施工技术
Construction Energy-saving Technology  建筑节能技术
Smart Building Technology   智能建筑技术

Disaster Prevention and Control  灾害防控
Smart Disaster Prevention  智能防灾
Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction  防灾减灾
Assembled Rapid Disaster Relief  装配式快速救灾
Weather-related Hazards  天气灾害
Geological Hazards  地质灾害
Earthquake-resistant Buildings  建筑抗震
Mudslides  泥石流灾害
Flood Control and Risk Reduction  防汛减灾
Rocky Slope 岩质边坡
Disaster Prediction  灾害预测
Disaster Prevention and Control  灾害防控
Smart Post-Disaster Rescue  智能灾后救援
Application of Big Data in Disaster Rescue  大数据在灾害救援中的应用
Post-Disaster Reconstruction Technology  灾后重建技术